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From Roman Farradayroman

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Dear Friend,

You’ve discovered the MOST exciting, MOST effective way to drive men wild on the planet…

…that is of course by learning how to send him irresistible dirty texts!

Not only will these dirty text messages and sexting examples give you the ability to turn any man on (all by pressing send you on cellphone!), it will enhance EVERY aspect of your relationship …turning even the tiniest interactions you have into exciting text message exchanges!

The problem is it’s impossible for women know what their guy is really thinking and what turns him on. Not to mention tantalizing dirty text messages is about more than just texting a few words…

It’s about how you text with your man… how you tease him with these texts and leave him begging for more… how to use your mind with these texts to work him into a frenzy of anticipation!

Whether You Want To:

  • Give your man the best text he has ever gotten…
  • Be the only woman to have sexted him this way…
  • Send him dirty texts that will make him want you more than ever before…
  • Re-ignite the passion in your relationship, by just sending these proven dirty texts to him…
  • Or just be able to seduce ANY guy all by sending him a few texts…

learning how to dirty text message and sext men is the sure-fire way to do it!

But… if you’re like most women, you probably get flustered, feel not confident, and are just unsure on how to send the best dirty text messages to your man…

Maybe he’s started sending you dirty texts and you felt the sheer panic of not knowing what to text back… or maybe you’ve tried to send dirty text messages and you didn’t get the response you were looking for.

Either way…

You know how exciting and thrilling sexting and sending dirty texts to him will be—and you want to send him the perfect dirty text messages—but you freeze up and your mind goes blank every single time…

And unfortunately, once you push send on your cell phone, you cannot take it back or change it!

The good news is, ANY woman (including you!) can easily learn how to send the perfect dirty text messages and sexting words and phrases every guy wants to get on his cellphone.

Picture This…

Your alone with your cellphone… you text him some proven and tested dirty text messages…

You get a reply from him and you have rocked his World!

  • He’s incredibly turned on…
  • He’s more attracted to you than ever…
  • He feels like the luckiest guy on the planet!

Doesn’t that sound exciting?

I mean, who doesn’t want to be able satisfy their partner?

I know I sure do. And the fact you’re reading this means you do too!

“Here’s My First Tip For You…”

Learn What Dirty Texts Work on Men 100% of the Time

Unfortunately there is just no way for any woman to truly understand what turns a man on.

Sure some women might claim to be successful at sexting or dirty text messaging men, but let’s face facts, do you really think a man would ever tell a woman she that was a dumb text?

Of course not. We’re too nice.

Those women might think they know what they’re doing, but how do they know for sure?

There are also lots of dirty text and sexting tips and examples that are floating around the Internet but they are incomplete and misleading, and sending those texts could become a real disaster.

You might get lucky and learn a couple of random texts that work for a while. But the problem is, every time he wants more (which he will), you WILL run out of things to say.

Those tips & courses are completely useless and will waste your time and money.

There is a Guaranteed and Proven system of Tested of Sexting and Dirty Text Message words, examples, and phrases that will work on men!

But before I reveal any more, let me tell you who I am and why you should listen to me…

Hi, my name is Roman Farraday and I’m a man.

Because I’m A Man, I Know All Of The Deepest, Innermost Burning Fantasies All Men Have, and What Dirty Texts Work!

I know exactly what kind of text messages turn men on, and what dirty text messages turns men off.

I’ve been featured on radio, newspapers, and magazines across the world because I’ve helped thousands of women across the world learn how to deliver incredibly irresistible dirty text messages to their men!

Thanks to the help of 30 of my closest guy friends (to cover the full spectrum of men) and a couple of amazing writers, we uncovered ALL the dirty text messages and sexting phrases every guy would love to have a women send to their phones. We put it all that information into a breakthrough guide designed SPECIFICALLY for women.

There’s no better way to discover what men REALLY want.

“I’m Very Proud To Introduce…”



This PROVEN Dirty Text Message and Sexting step-by-step guide will teach you exactly how to send the best dirty text messages to him. How to correctly sext a man to make your irresistible to him. And the best part is, you can blow his socks off over and over and over again…

…unlike anything he’s ever experienced—AND, you can do it practically overnight!

“Here’s Just A Taste
Of What’s Inside…

  • How to become comfortable Sexting, even if you’ve never dirty text messaged before…
  • Why Dirty Texts are so effective on women…
  • A list of over 300 tested dirty text message examples guaranteed to turn her on!
  • Dirty texts that will keep her ‘HOT’ while you are away…
  • A tested list of secret words that will automatically turn her on, all by pressing send on your phone.
  • Sexting examples to make her feel gorgeous and unbelievably sexy,  a truly win-win situation.
  • The Do NOT’s when it comes to dirty text messaging. Never worry about pressing send.
  • What dirty text messages turn women OFF 
  • How to tone it up or down, depending on what texts you’re getting back…
  • The best texts to compliment her. Texts she’s always going to want to hear…
  • A list of things women love to be complimented on…
  • How to mix up your sexting to drive Women WILD…
  • How to escalate from dirty text messages, to pictures, to videos, to things beyond you imagination
  • A great Sexting game to play with your spouse or girlfriend…

Plus much, MUCH more inside.


men dirty text





Men Never Leave Home Without Their Phones…


Have you ever met a man without a cell phone?

Me either.

Cell phones are vital to us men, we keep them close to us because they make us feel confident and up to date. By correctly sexting and dirty text messaging men, you create a type of “secret” sexual connection. You bypass and knock down all of our defenses that men build up, and hit us right at the center.

In fact…

A Recent Study on Sexting by Harvard Said that 47% of Adults has admitted to Sexting. And that number is quickly rising!

Sexting is on the rise
Recent Harvard Study Says, “Sexting is on the rise.”

Are You Afraid or Even Had
the Following Things Happen to You…


  • You got a dirty text message from a man and you simply didn’t know what to say?
  • Is the man your sexting way better than you?
  • You dirty text messaged a man that you liked and he didn’t send a text back?
  • Or even worse… he just laughed at you?
  • Has the ‘heat’ with your boyfriend or husband slowed down or stopped?


Now, let me ask you this…

Are you experiencing any of those situations in your life right now?

If you are…do me a favor, relax, take a big deep breathe, I am here to help you…

I have personally helped thousands of women who have found themselves in the above situations. I can give you all the perfect dirty text messages that will work on any man out there… and unless you learn the right way to sext from a man’s perspective, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

I know it works. They know it works. But You still might be a little skeptical.

So check out some real testimonials women have sent in after they had a chance to read How To Dirty Text

“Here’s Just A Taste
Of What’s Inside…

  • How to deliver red-hot dirty text messages that will drive ANY man wild!
  • How to stop guessing what texts he wants to hear and know with 100% confidence he’s going crazy for what you’re texting!
  • How to strengthen your long distance relationship through dirty texts and make it exciting! (He’ll only ever think of you…)
  • Over 300 + tested and proven dirty text messages!
  • How to expand from “short dirty texts” to dirty texts that will keep him coming back for more!
  • How to be creative with your dirty text messages, so it’s not the boring old “same” dirty text messages…
  • sexting-exampleThe different “sexting scenarios” you’ll encounter—and how to prepare for each one.
  • How to see things from a man’s perspective and learn why dirty texts turn him on over and over and over...
  • Over 50 tested and perfected Sexting examples!
  • Over 150 MIND-BLOWING sexting examples you can use during sex!
  • 30 dirty text messages that will trigger attraction—any time, any place!
  • 84 POWERFUL dirty text words you can use to customize what you say!
  • Discover the art of dirty text messaging…
  • How to text your man, so he will ALWAYS want more
  • E-mail & phone tips to get his pulse pumping with anticipation! (Warning: he’ll jump you the first chance he gets when you unleash these…)
  • How to make him think you’re reading his mind! (He won’t know what’s hit him!)
  • A little known strategy to avoid embarrassing yourself, wishing you could crawl into a hole.
  • How to avoid the BIGGEST sexting turn-off you can make!
  • A great Sexting game to play with your spouse or girlfriend…
  • A tested list of secret words that will automatically turn her on, all by pressing send on your phone.

Plus much, MUCH more!

There’s far too much to list in this letter but I’m sure you get the picture.

Imagine how great your relationship will become when you can keep up the heat using each others cellphones.

You’ll satisfy him in ways he’s never dreamed of… more than any other woman ever has—even if you’ve never tried talking dirty before!

“See What Other Women
Have To Say…”

You’ve heard what I have to say, so you’re probably curious what other women who have already read the dirty text message and sexting handbook have to say about it.

Dirty Text Testimonials



“Dirty Text Messages and sexting is UNBELIEVABLY fun!!”

I read your book with a cup of tea and literally couldn’t put it down for DAYSS… I was SO excited to try these texts out on my boyfriend… and I was 120% shocked at the reaction I got. I couldn’t keep him from texting me back!

All I can say is neither of us leave home without our phones = ).

Thank you again!

Carmen Vallea

Long Beach, California

“I wish I could have read this book a lot sooner!”

I love to sext with my boyfriend. There is something extremely special and intimate about it. I feel like we can explore each other’s mind, and I love the feeling that he is thinking about me.

So when I ran into your book I HAD to read it. I wish I could have read this book a lot sooner! There were great dirty text tips and our sexting has only gotten more passionate and intense. :)

Thanks Ashley and Roman!

Diana Taylor

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“We have never communicated more openly.”

My husband regularly travels every week for work, so I was looking for some new way to stay “connected” to him while he was away. I stumbled across your sexting and dirty text guide and I knew I found my answer.

That night I sent him a dirty text example that you had in your book, only to find 6 new text messages from him in the morning! I finally found the answer on how to stay intimately connected to my husband while he was away.  We have never communicated more openly and I sincerely thank you for it.

Best Regards,

Nicole Cova

Whistler, British Colombia

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102 dating tips

Here are some examples of dating tips for Women

1. Remember to keep your ears open more than your mouth. Your date is not one of your girlfriends, and he probably would enjoy a chance to talk about himself and his interests for a little while too. If he seems uninterested in sharing, it may just be that he’s quiet. Ask questions to get him talking about himself and what interests him.

2. Get dressed up. Nothing says “I’m not interested” quite as loudly as showing up for a date poorly dressed. You don’t have to be a fashion diva, but make a little extra effort to show your date that you took time with him in mind. Dress appropriately for the activity of the day and always be prepared for the unexpected.

3. Avoid talking about your past dates and ex-partners. Should the relationship progress past a few solitary dates, you might be in a place where it is ok to talk about these people, but in general you should steer clear of mentioning them as much as possible. If you do mention previous partners, you are risking giving your date the impression that he might never live up to your memories or that you are still hung up on an ex.

  • Plus much more…

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101 happy seductionThere are hundreds of things you can do to better your relationship.

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Remember, little steps taken every day will add up to big successes.

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Bonus #3: “101 Romantic Ideas”

101 romantic seduction

If you thought romance was for women only, then you need to read this book. Inside you get 101 ideas to show her that you are Mr. Romantic, and full of surprises. She will be bragging to her friends about you with this one…

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Yes, free unlimited help, advice and guidance from me and my sexy team. We’ve spent years answering thousands of questions to guys all over the world.As part of this special offer, you can send us any questions you may have on relationships, sexting and dirty text messages, and any part of texting that guy to make him want you more then ever. We’ll in turn spend as much time as necessary to help you get the best answer to your questions.We already have plans in the works to charge a monthly fee for this service because of the time and expense involved to make sure you get only the top professional support and care. But if you grab Dirty Text Message and Sexting Guide for Women & Bonuses today, you’ll be locked in to get premium support for life!

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So Here
My Deal For You…


“What Is It Worth To
Send the Most Perfect Dirty Texts to Him?”

I’m guessing by now you want to know how much this incredible information costs.

But before I tell you how much it costs (and it’s WAY less than you think), let me ask you what it’s worth…

Imagine it’s a week from now

You’ve read the material, had fun trying it out, and your man went WILD!

He treats you better, looks at you differently… it’s a completely different reaction from anything you’ve gotten from him in the past. He can’t keep his hands off you, and he will never leave home without his cell phone!

Now, stop and look back on today.

Considering you’ve IGNITED your passions for each other, put the spark back into your relationship and are having more fun than EVER because you learned how to correctly send dirty text messages…

Isn’t it worth just reading?

Of course it is!


Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Dirty Talk Handbook comes with a no-questions-asked, ironclad, 60 day guarantee.

In essence, I’ve reversed all the risk, because I’m giving you my 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Read the book, learn to drive your man absolutely WILD with mind-blowing dirty talk, or get your money back. No fine print. No BS. It’s as simple as that!

The Sexting and Dirty Text Message Guide comes with a no-questions-asked, ironclad, 60 day guarantee.

In essence, I’ve reversed all the risk, because for a limited time I’m giving you 60 days to get a 100% refund!

Read the book, learn to drive your man absolutely WILD with mind-blowing dirty texts, or get your money back. No fine print. No BS. It’s as simple as that!


“You’re *Moments* Away From Sending Irresistible Dirty Text Messages…

Here’s How
Get Started, Tonight!”

YES Roman! I’m ready to learn how to deliver irresistible custom-tailored sexting and dirty text messaging, become the best sexter he has ever experienced, and make him starring at his phone till he gets the next dirty text from you!


For the next 10 Users 4 Users, this Sexting & Dirty Text Message Guide

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The files are PDF format and can be viewed on any PC, smart phone, or digital reader. Plus, you can even print them off to read them wherever you’d like.

So if you’re ready to start giving your man absolutely MIND-Blowing dirty text messages and IGNITING the true potential of sexting…


You will receive instant access to this product

(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Sunday!)

Your exciting dirty text messages begins right here, right now!


Roman Farraday


Author of The Sexting Guide 101

Founder of


P.S If you act right now you will receive Unlimited  free bonuses (for a limited time) that will teach you exactly the perfect sexting examples, powerful dirty text messages and I guarantee it will blow your mans world, over and over again!

P.P.S AND, remember this entire collection is only $4.95 for the first 10 downloads, after the price will jump to $39.99.

…your perfect sexting examples & dirty text messages will change your world forever!

And YES! I am a real person. If you have questions, please contact me on the contact page. I will respond within 1 business day.





He now looks at me in a whole NEW way!!

I have always been a little nervous to send dirty texts because I felt like I didn’t want to text the wrong words.

My boyfriend kept sending me dirty texts but I would just freeze up.. but I really wanted to text him the perfect dirty texts.

Soo I followed your guide and WOW… he was completely shocked and blown away. He told me that no girl has ever sent him a text like that, and he now looks at me in a whole NEW way!!

I love it.

Sarah Hayes

Boston, Massachusetts