To The Man Who Wants To Learn The *Secret Weapon* Of Seducing Any Women All By Pressing Send On Her Phone ...

“"How a Nervous, Timid, Mumbling Geek
(Who Throws Up At The Mere Thought of Talking to Women)
Used TEXT Messages to Seduce the Girl of His Dreams!

Texting Seduction

Now,YOU Can Get His Word-For-Word Text Script,
Plus My Sneaky Tactics & "Power Rules"
For TEXT Seduction... And Turn Your Text Messages
Into Your Most Lethal Seduction Weapon... So You Too Can Easily Seduce & Bed Hot, Sexy Women!


From Roman Farradayroman

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Dear Friend,

YES it absolutely does work . . . you can seduce and bed women using text messages quicker and easier than talking to them face to face (once you know the “secret formula” and the word-for-word sample transcripts!)

Whether You Want To:

  • Learn the secrets of seducing any women
  • Seduce your dream girl …
  • Seduce girls that you met at the bar
  • Or just be able to seduce ANY woman all by sending her a few texts…

learning how to seduce women through text messages is the sure-fire way to do it!

Here’s how an extremely shy, trembling geek made it work for him…and got the woman of his dreams into bed – just a few days after meeting her…

Aside from using some very slick persuasion and seduction tricks (to get her dripping wet, and ready to attack him,) Joe discovered that he was able to…

… go a lot further with women using text messages (or emails) than he could with a live, real-time conversation – and do it all a lot quicker!

… have the time to think…about what to say, and how to phrase it just right to get just the psychological responses and results (something you can’t do during an actual conversation)…and…

… say a lot more, and get the point across, before getting interrupted, distracted or even ignored.

… and of course, there’s all the slick persuasion and seduction tricks he was able to layer into his messages, to get her juiced and ready for action…

Let Me Tell You a Story…

Here’s what happened to Joe… (not his real name, obviously)…

Joe is a very unique guy…he has bought every single seduction product that I have ever published. But, he never really used any of it! He felt he was too shy and would never be able to make any of it work in real life.

Yet, like many guys in the dating/seduction niche, he kept buying products and kept studying and learning everything he could get his hands on.

Finally, he called me up one day and spilled his guts, telling me how nothing would ever work for him because he was too shy…that he didn’t even have the confidence to talk freely to a small group consisting of his own friends and relatives!

After chatting for a bit, I asked if he was able to talk to women on the phone.

He admitted he was better on the phone but still not good enough to get them interested in wanting to meet him in person, let alone sleep with him.

Of course, my next question was… “Well, heck…how about TEXT’ing then? Can you do that?”

“Yes, of course,” he replied. “I’m comfortable with texting and I use it a lot.”sexting

“Okay, why not use the advice and tips from my reports and communicate to them via text message?”

Joe admitted he didn’t think this was even a possibility since text’ing seems so impersonal, but said that he would give it a shot.

Several weeks later, he called me back, very excited, and said…

“Bryan! It worked but this girl never wants to see me again!”


Very confused, I asked Joe to elaborate.


The good news was that Joe was able to use nothing but TEXT messages to go from “first contact” …and all the way into the bedroom!

(With Joe’s permission, I will share the entire blow-by-blow “conversation” that he used to end up in the bedroom of his dream girl.)

He had finally broken his dry spell of 6+ months (which was when his ex-girlfriend broke up with him.)

But…he said that this new girl did not want to ever see him again because, apparently, Joe wasn’t very good in bed. (I know…poor guy…but I just couldn’t help laugh at that one. And then I told Joe, half-jokingly, to “get my bedroom-secrets reports, for cryin out loud!”) ….”

Okay… in the interest of full disclosure, let me state that Joe didn’t just use Text messages to bed this new girl. He used a combination of text messages and emails.

Regardless, most of the heavy-lifting was done via text messages.

And, believe it or not, he never even spoke to this girl on the phone – ever – until the night he was driving to her place and had to call her for help because he couldn’t find her house. (I shouldn’t even be telling you this part because it makes Joe’s story less believable. But I am telling you because this is actually how it happened.)

I kid you not, this is absolutely true. (He found the girl on Craigslist and used nothing but email and text messages to turn her on so much that she had to invite him to her house, ready to sleep with him.)

Now…I’m not suggesting that you should be like Joe and use Text and email exclusively (he had no choice in the matter!) but, apparently, you can do so successfully – if you choose to.

Joe is proof of that. In fact, if he can do it, anyone else should be able to do it even better!

And, in this unique package, I’m going to share Joe’s entire strategy from start to finish. Plus, I will add in my own tips and tricks to help you get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time possible.

(As shy and as inexperienced as Joe is, he was able to go from “first contact” to the bedroom in less than a week.)

By the way, Joe isn’t the only one who has used this method successfully. Many other guys have since used this “text seduction” strategy to seduce and bed women they’ve been attracted to.

Our texting seduction guide has been tried, tested, and tweaked to work very well – for anyone willing to use it.

And, now, you can have all of our hard workall the tips and tricks…without having to waste time or energy on making any of the mistakes…
The Entire Strategy Exposed…

You will get to see Joe’s entire blow-by-blow strategy, laid out before you in his word-for-word email and text message transcript.

You also get my personal “Power Rules for Text Seduction” report as well as my other sneaky seduction tips and tricks.

And, I will even dissect Joe’s entire transcript – to explain exactly what he did, including the mistakes he made, and even how he could have improved his seduction.

Plus, I’ll throw in even more tips and tricks during my dissection of Joe’s transcripts.

You get it all – everything handed to you, so you can learn from it all, and start using all the tips and tricks to seduce women for your own pleasure and enjoyment…using text messages!
All of the above is revealed inside the pages of my new package, titled… “Text Seduction Guide!”

And, you are just minutes away from discovering all the secrets that can turn your phone and text messages into your most lethal seduction weapon!

Imagine how much quicker and easier it is to use your cell phone  to get women to date, hang out with, and even sleep with…

And as you imagine all the ways your life can become better right now by having this powerful information in your hands, why not grab your copy of this powerful seduction package… and use it to dramatically “upgrade” your sex life.

“I’m Very Proud To Introduce…”

texting seduction


“Here’s Just A Taste
Of What’s Inside…

  • How to deliver seductive texts that will drive ANY woman wild!
  • How to stop guessing what texts she wants to hear and know with 100% confidence she’s going crazy for what you’re texting!
  • Why texting is the most powerful seduction tool.
  • Tested and proven seductive text messages!
  • How to expand from “short texts” to texts that will keep him coming back for more!
  • How to be creative with your text messages, so it’s not the boring old “same” text messages…
  • sexting-exampleThe different “scenarios” you’ll encounter—and how to prepare for each one.
  • How to see things from a woman’s perspective and learn why seductive texts work so well on her...
  • The BIGGEST texting seduction secrets.
  • The Top Ten texting seduction rules.
  • Seductive text messages that will trigger attraction—any time, any place!
  • Lists of POWERFUL seductive text words you can use to customize what you say!
  • Discover the art of seductive text messaging…
  • Proven and tested texting seduction techniques.
  • How to get her digits tonight…
  • Texting seduction the step-by-step game plan.
  • A little known strategy to avoid embarrassing yourself, wishing you could crawl into a hole.
  • How to avoid the BIGGEST turn-off you can make when seducing a woman!
  • How to get more information (and even more) from her..

  • A tested list of seductive words that will automatically seduce her, all by pressing send on your cell phone!

Plus Much, MUCH more!

There’s far too much to list in this letter but I’m sure you get the picture.

Really just take a second and imagine being able to seduce any women that you want, all by sending press on your cell phone.


“See What Other Men
Have To Say…”

You’ve heard what I have to say, so you’re probably curious what other Men who have already read the Texting Seduction Guide, have to say about it.

text seduction testi

“…I tried it for my first time and now have my first girlfriend ever”

“Hey Roman,

Thanks so much for your text seduction tips in your text seduction guide. Before I found and read this guide, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when it came to girls or even seducing girls. I had read books about seduction but none of them worked because I would just ‘freeze’ up. I found this guide and how it used text messages to seduce women… I tried it for my first time and now have my first girlfriend ever. I have to say she is the best thing that ever happened to me. I owe it all to the information you provided me and the help on the email. So I wanted to give you a positive testimonial Roman. Thanks so much!”

Alex Dawson

Chicago, Illinois


“Text Message Seduction is the real deal!”

“Can’t believe how great this seduction system really is! I was skeptical at first because I have always considered myself a seduction expert. Although one of my mates said that I had to read this guide. Boy, was he right! I can’t believe how easy it is to seduce girls through text messages. I now have 100 more game then I did before reading this guide. Text Message Seduction is the real deal! Thanks buddy.”

Jacob Emerson

Vancouver, Canada




All Women Have Cell Phones


Have you ever met a woman without a cell phone?


Me either.


That is why it is so easy and effective to seduce women through cell phones. (In fact, it’s a hard-wired and deeply psychological reason, but you will learn more about that in the book) Cell phones are precious to girls, they keep their most personal and private information in there. By correctly texting women, you create a type of “secret” sexual connection. You bypass and knock down all of their defenses, and hit them right at the center.

“What Is It Worth To
Be Able To Seduce Any Woman By Sending Her Text Messages?”

I’m guessing by now you want to know how much this incredible information costs.

But before I tell you how much it costs (and it’s WAY less than you think), let me ask you what it’s worth…

Imagine it’s a week from now

You’ve read the material, you tried it out on a girl, and she  went WILD!

She see you in a whole new light, shes intrigued by you, she can’t stop thinking about you, she can’t keep her hands off you…

Now, stop and look back on today.

Considering you’ve SEDUCED her entire being, and are now getting everything that you could have ever imagined…

Isn’t it worth just reading?

Of course it is!

PLUS For A Limited Time…

I’m Going To Include *8* Products, Absolutely FREE!


Because you’re spending your hard earned money  I want you to get WAY MORE than your moneys worth. So I’m going to include EIGHT additional red-hot products that will teach you to satisfy your woman at no extra cost!

Bonus #1: Mans Guide To Success With Women

mans guide to sucess with women seduction

This guide covers everything a guy needs to know on how to be successful with women.Here’s what you will learn inside:You are about to learn exactly what women find absolutely irresistible in a man and what you can easily do to stay on the mind of virtually every girl you meet!Introducing:”Man’s Guide To Success With Women”Here is just a small taste of what you are about to discover:

  • Why online dating is one of the easiest ways to meet beautiful women if you are shy and afraid of face to face rejection (more and more women are choosing the safe environment of online dating sites as a way to meet men). 
  • The qualities every woman no matter the race or age looks for and find absolutely irresistible in men. These qualities are not something you’re born with, in fact they are extremely easy to get! 
  • The absolute most important rules of attraction. If you don’t understand this, you are never going to be successful with women, no matter what you look like or how much money you have.
  • How to easily get rid of your fear of approaching and meeting women! This is something a lot of us guys have a problem with, and yet it is so easy to overcome.
  • Plus much more…

$37.00 Value – Yours 
FREE if you order today!

Bonus #2: Online Dating Guide For Men

This in-depth guide goes into all the tiny little details about what it takes to be successful on dating online.
online dating seductionAre you ready to find a budding romance online?Discover The Secrets of Finding Your “ONE and ONLY” with Online Dating Services!Introducing:”Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking!”Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • Learn why the days of judging people by appearance are over. (Page 2) 
  • Understand why sex takes a backseat to many other factors in a relationship. (Page 10) 
  • Discover how online dating is just a NEW approach to an OLD tradition. (Page 5)
  • Find out what is appropriate for small talk and what is off limits. (Page 41)
  •  Realize that none of James Bonds relationships worked anyway… and how that applies to you and your relationships. (Page 15)
  • Plus much more…

$35.00 Value – Yours FREE if you order today!

Bonus #3: The Players Guide To Picking-Up Women


players guide seductionStop Chasing After Women, and Let the Women Chase You!Learn Proven, Secret Techniques That Will Make Ladies Fall in Love With You Every Single Time!Introducing”The Player’s Guide To Picking-Up Women”Here is just a small taste of what you are about to discover:

  • The incredible psychological techniques proven through scientific research on how to make any woman fall madly in love for you 
  • The amazing secret to getting over shyness around women
  • Stunning psychological discovery that reveals what all women want
  • You’ll immediately become so seductive that women will actually feel themselves falling for you!
  • A Seduction System that takes you from saying hello to a new woman to sharing orgasms in bed
  • The absolute most important rules of attraction.
  • How to become a first date professional. You’ll need to learn this if you are planning on using this guide properly

$39.95 Value – Yours FREE if you order today!

Bonus #4: How To Seduce Women

yourself seductionGets HOT Women Into Your Bed Without Acting Fake, Without Following A Complicated System, And Without Being A Weirdo.
No phoney routines. No stress. No feeling rejected.
Its Being Called The Holy Grail Of Seduction For A Reason!Inside youll discover

  • Step-by-step guides of REAL pick-ups, from casual sex to meaningful relationships. These are my BEST stories many are legendary and all are true!
  • How to have IRON CLAD confidence, so that women know EXACTLY who you are and become attracted to YOU not some avatar or phoney personality you put on for a Friday night.
  • Why beautiful women are rejected MORE OFTEN than you are (This is MIND-BENDING stuff, and it will help you determine when you are accidentally telling a hot woman off!)
  • The Infamous Toll Booth Method. How I go from meeting a hot girl to having her drag me into the bathroom as were making out in a matter of minutes. (Chapter 6)
  • The #1 place women go when they are looking for a man (and its free). This is a scientifically proven hot spot most men are totally unaware of.

$29.95 Value – Yours FREE if you order today!

Bonus #5: 101 Steps to A Happy Relationship

101 happy seductionThere are hundreds of things you can do to better your relationship.

To help get you headed in the right direction, 101 Steps To A Happy Relationship gives you 101 ways to build, strengthen, and enhance your relationship.

Remember, little steps taken every day will add up to big successes.

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Bonus #6: “101 Romantic Ideas”

101 romantic seduction

If you thought romance was for women only, then you need to read this book.Inside you get 101 ideas to show her that you are Mr. Romantic, and full of surprises.She will be bragging to her friends about you with this one…

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Bonus #7: Guide To Dating Women

Discover How YOU Can Transform Yourself Into An Irresistible Chick Magnet – And Gain The Ability To Date Any HOT Women At Will!mans guide to dating seduction


“Men’s Quick Start Guide to Dating Women – Get the Woman You’ve Always Wanted, Even if You Haven’t Dated Before!”

In this report, you will discover:

  • How you can pick up any tantalizing hot women at will!
  • Why good looks, wealth and big time career DOESN’T necessarily equate to being surrounded by chicks! (Hint: the ugly guys whom you see at the shopping mall are hanging out with hot girls – and you’re going to find out what they know that you don’t!)
  • The one secret you must unlock if you want to be able to pick up the woman of your dreams!
  • How to make your next date a success – whether it’s your first time in the dating scene or have failed miserably in the past!

$39.95 Value – Yours FREE if you order today!


Bonus #8: Shy Guy’s Guide To Success With Women

One of the biggest (if not THE biggest) reasons a lot of men have trouble with approaching and picking upshy guy to sucess with women seduction women they like is because they are way too nervous to look a girl in the eye, let alone approach her and tell her the way they feel.And that is exactly where the “Shy Guy’s Guide To Success With Women” comes in. This great guide does NOT teach what every other seduction guide teaches; instead it focuses on the truly important information – exactly how to defeat anxiety and nervousness when approaching women.Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:1. Introduction

  • Simple Facts About Women

2. What Are You Telling To Yourself?3. Building Your Confidence4. Conversations And Body Language

  • Common Questions you could ask
  • Now for some not so Common Questions you could ask

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*Extra* Bonus #9: Premium Customer Support


Yes, free unlimited help, advice and guidance from me and my sexy team.We’ve spent years answering thousands of questions to guys and gals all over the world.As part of this special offer, you can send us any questions you may have on relationships, texting seduction, and any part of texting.We’ll in turn spend as much time as necessary to help you get the best answer to your questions. We already have plans in the works to charge a monthly fee for this service because of the time and expense involved to make sure you get only the top professional support and care.But if you grab Text Message Seduction & Bonuses today, you’ll be locked in to get premium support for life!

Value: $150 – Yours FREE!

The Bonuses ($421.72 Value) Are Only
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So Here
My Deal For You…


You either love this report… or you don’t pay a penny for it!

I’ll take all the risk. Get your copy of this hot report right now and go through it. Try out all the techniques and ideas with real women. And…

If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide this book doesn’t meet your exact needs, simply let me know within the next 30 days and you’ll get a complete refund of your purchase price. There will be no questions asked, and no hassles, and keep all the bonuses as a gift! 

You see, I believe that giving you the chance to personally experience what this astonishing report offers is simply the best way to “prove to you” what you may be missing out on. I have yet to meet the man who can resist having the power to seduce women with his mind.

I honestly believe you’re going to love this book. So, please… don’t pass up this ridiculously generous offer… you may never get an opportunity to have this report in your hands again at this low price.

You can be reading all the secrets right now… within minutes! Just use the link below to order your copy, safely and completely risk free…

text message price reduced

For The Next 10 7 Users The Price Is Only $4.95

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Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Dirty Talk Handbook comes with a no-questions-asked, ironclad, 30 day guarantee.

In essence, I’ve reversed all the risk, because I put my guarantee on it.

Read the book, learn how to seduce any woman. No BS. It’s as simple as that!

The Texting Seduction Guide comes with a no-questions-asked, ironclad, 30 day guarantee.

In essence, I’ve reversed all the risk, so its 100% risk free.

Read the book, learn to seduce any woman with just your cell phone or get your money back. No fine print. No BS. It’s as simple as that!


“You’re *Moments* Away From Seducing Women By Just Texting Her…

Here’s How
Get Started, Tonight!”

YES Roman! I’m ready to learn how to seduce any women through my text messages right now!


texting seduction

The files are PDF format and can be viewed on any PC, smart phone, or digital reader. Plus, you can even print them off to read them wherever you’d like.

(For Mature Audience Only)

So if you’re ready to start seducing women through text messages. Download Right Now!

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text message price reduced

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You will receive instant access to this product

(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Sunday!)

All of this powerful “seduction and bedding” technology is just waiting for you…


Roman Farraday


Author of The Text Seduction Guide

Founder of


P.S If you act right now you will receive Unlimited  free bonuses (for a limited time) that will teach you how to seduce women on any level with any media. This stuff is powerful and it really works.

P.P.S  All of this powerful “seduction and bedding” technology is just waiting for you…And you can take advantage of this special, low introductory price to get it all now… before the price goes up or the offer goes away completely.

…get ready to start seducing any woman you want!

And YES! I am a real person. If you have questions, please contact me on the contact page. I will respond within 1 business day.





“…seductive text messages has turned up my love life from -15 to 120!!”


I just had to drop you an email about my recent success with the ladies because I don’t think you will even believe it. The seductive text messages has turned up my love life from -15 to 120!! I was always the shy and awkward guy around women, because I didn’t have the right knowledge.

Then, after reading your book, I got that big ‘AHA’ moment. It hit my like a lightning bolt. I was really committing some big seduction sins that you mentioned in your book. I reassessed how I approached girls and decided to try it on a girls phone number I got a week back. I won’t go into the details but OH MY GOD!

I am now out there, getting numbers, and sending seductive text messages to tons of girls and completely seducing them. Really Roman I am laughing emailing this to you right now. I am having the time of my life! So Thank You!”

Thomas Colluck

Portland, Oregon